BDD Demo with GameOfLife in Swift and Quick

BDD(Behavior Driven development) was firstly developed by Dan North as a response to the issues encountered teaching test-driven development:

  • Where to start in the process
  • What to test and what not to test
  • How much to test in one go
  • What to call the tests
  • How to understand why a test fails

That was version 1 of BDD in mid-2003. BDD v3 now is more about communications between all different roles in agile teams using the same language: GivenWhenThen([1] [2]).

I made some videos before to demonstrate TDD on Android platform using Conway’s Game of Life as an example. This time I will use this example again to demonstrate BDD on iOS platform in Swift and a BDD framework Quick.
(Code at GitHub)

1. Create Project and Add Quick Framework

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